Our projects

Here we highlight all the major projects the Python Nigeria community are a part of and supports. Please note that members who take part in these projects do so voluntarily without any remuneration. The community as a whole benefits and are proud of all the collective efforts and man hours put into such projects to make it a success fostering growth.

Django Girls Events in Nigeria

Start Date: Feb. 1, 2016

Djangogirls is a global not for profit organization that helps organizes workshops all around the globe that introduces women to the Python Programming Language and Django framework. At the end of the 2 day workshop the women build a website. In Nigeria, Djangogirls have impacted more than 200 women with workshops in places like (Lagos), Ogbomosho, [Akure](http://www.djangogirls.org/akure), [Ile-Ife](http://www.djangogirls.org/ileife), [Minna](http://www.djangogirls.org/minna), [PortHarcourt](http://www.djangogirls.org/portharcourt), [Ota](http://www.djangogirls.org/ota), [Awka](http://www.djangogirls.org/awka), [Yenegoa](http://www.djangogirls.org/yenegoa) and even with more upcoming workshops across the nation. These workshops are largely organized, sponsored and supported by members of the Nigeria Python community and the global python community at large who want to bring about a positive impact in the nation, one woman at a time