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The Python Programming Language User Group in Nigeria.

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Python’s community is vast; diverse & aims to grow; Python is Open.

Great software is supported by great people, and Python is no exception. Our user base is enthusiastic and dedicated to spreading use of the language across Nigeria. Our community provides support the beginner, the expert, and adds to the ever-increasing open-source knowledgebase.

5000+ Members

The Python Nigeria community has over 3,000 persons on our community slack workspace and over 5,000 followers on Facebook

24+ Community Leaders

The Community is managed by a national Board of Directors comprising of five dedicated expereinced and proven leaders, and over fifteen other coordinators at state and city meetup groups

105+ Meetups

Since its inception in 2017, the Python Nigeria community has held 3 national Python Conferences (PyCon) and over 100 meetups at various state and city meetup groups

Videos & Resources

Gain access to lots of videos and resource materials to begin your journey to Python programming

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We provide constant training resources to support the large crop of new developers joining our community on a daily basis

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Python Nigeria is the biggest platform uniting all Python developers of all skill levels in Nigeria

Irrespective of your skill level, you can be a part of the Python Nigeria Community committed to promoting the use of the Python language, and helping Python developers get best deployment for their skills. For rules governing our community refer to our Code of Conduct and Constitution

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Questions People Often Ask?

Here are a collection of some questions people often ask about our community and the answers we give. You may find them helpful

Python is a computer programming language developed in 1989 by a man named Guido Van Russom
The language has gained various application usage including automation, web development, scripting data science, and more

The Python Community is simply a group of like minded people who help to promote the use of the Python programming language. We do this by hosting meetups, conferences, hackathons and meetings. Becoming a part of the community is simply by identifying an interest in the Python programming lanaguage as a devloper, user or company, and registering for FREE

If you want to become a software developer or you are already one, the Python language is one of the amazing languages you can use. But these days, Python is more than just one of the languages, it is becoming an indispensable language with current and broad application to data science, machine learning, automation, etc

Definitely, yes. There are lots of job opportunities as a Python deve;loper in Nigeria, even remote jobs. Becoming a part of our community is how you gain access to some of these opportunities

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Python Nigeria community to raise army of AI developers in Nigeria

Sept. 11, 2020

Python Nigeria community has pledged to raise an army of artificial intelligent developers in the country through training of young Nigeria in the use of python programming language.

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